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Mike Wentz 

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After a number of requests, we now offer 2 and 3 year memberships.  Multi-year choices are at the bottom of the page due to website restrictions.

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Standard 1-year Membership
  Description:  Open to all USNA Alumni whether graduated or not.
Membership price:  $25.00

Junior Membership - O-3 and below
  Description:  Open to all junior officers O-1 through O-3.
Membership price:  $1.00

Lifetime Membership
  Description:  Open to all members of classes older than 60 years from graduation. Currently accepting Lifetime Memberships for classes 1961 and before.
Membership price:  $0.00

2-year Membership
  Description:  Description of membership goes here...
Membership price:  $50.00

3 Year Membership
  Description:  3 Year Membership
Membership price:  $75.00