Did someone say BEAT ARMY?  Here is the first chance to beat both Air Force AND Army in 2022!

Every year the United States Parachute Association (USPA) hosts the National Collegiate Skydiving Championships over Christmas break (this year is December 28th to January 2nd), where the mids compete with multiple college teams from around the country - including the dominating appropriated-funded and professionally-coached parachute teams from the Air Force Academy and West Point.  USPA is hosting the competition at the drop zone in our own back yard - Elsinore, California (a first in recent memory).

The costs are huge for the mids, since every dollar has to come directly out of their pockets or raised from generous donors.  

Air transportation to California and back is their biggest personal cost.  Their hotel rooms in Temecula have been covered by a single donor (not even a USNA grad, but someone who just likes midshipman jumpers!)  Jump registrations and competition jumps (at $28-38 per person per jump...) are another matter, but the coach is not confident those costs will also ultimately be covered.

Your local alumni association has donated $1,000 to help with rental vans, but the Navy Skydiving Team still needs your help

To keep the banks out of the process, please contact Bill Boniface '72 at boniface72@gmail.com to offer support, or

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