2020 Army Navy Golf Tournament

Tee Times

  • Please do not check in any earlier than 30 minutes prior to your tee time.  From there you are welcome to participate in the putting contest, hit warm up balls, grab food or a drink to bring with you on the course, etc. 
  • Please make sure to wear a face mask/covering while you are at registrationin or around the clubhouse/restrooms, putting greens and driving range.  No need to wear it on the course unless you and your playing partners feel it’s necessary.
  • Players are encouraged to not hang around after the round.  If you would like to come in and use the restroom, grab food or drink to bring home with you, etc..  that is no problem, but there can’t be any gatherings/meetings after golf.
Time Team Time Team
6:50 SOGSGG Dead Ahead 7:00 Go Navy '77
7:10 SOGAGG Port 7:20 SOGAGG Starboard
7:30 First Command 01 7:40 Team Long & Straight
7:50 Team 80 Starboard 8:00 Team 88
8:10 Team Raptors 8:20 First Command 02
8:30 First Command 03 8:40 27th Co Gamecocks
8:50 Team JART 9:00 1983 - A Class Act
9:10 23rd Company Sharks 9:20 First Command 04
9:30 First Command 05 9:40 The J Team
9:50 Team Archer '80 10:00 Old Goats
10:10 Team 70 10:20 First Command 06
10:30 Half Fast 10:40 Team SDYC
10:50 82 Backs the BLUE 11:00 ‘79 Ace in the Holes!
11:10 Free Agents 11:20 Weapons of grass destruction
11:30 Team 101 11:40 Team Brotherhood




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