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Helping Hands

IN THE EVENT OF A DEATH here is a nine page listing of helpful information: Useful Information for Death of Alumnus.  Click here to view as a pdf.

Many thanks to Steve Andres '67 for compiling this document.



Here is a large list of Veteran's websites provided though Randy Bogle: Click here to view as a pdf.



Do you know of a classmate or shipmate in need of a ride to a monthly lunch or other chapter activity?

Do you know of a classmate or shipmate who recently has had a set back or lost a spouse that could use a call or some help?

The Extended Brigade Initiative is a pilot program established by the Naval Academy Alumni Association-San Diego Chapter to provide assistance by alumni for fellow alumni in the following areas:

  • Rideshare Program. Provide a carpool service for alumni who want to attend USNAAA functions but cannot drive or do not have transportation.
  • Weekly Assistance. Provide help to alumni that need assistance in general everyday living such as getting groceries, need transportation to medical appointments due to injury, illness. (Or injury or illness of spouse or family member).
  • Natural Disaster. Assist alumni that are about to be displaced or have been displaced by California wildfires or mudslides by transporting household items or pets or providing a temporary place to stay.
  • Other. Visit or host alumni who will be spending the holidays alone and have no immediate family in the area. Visit alumni who live in an assisted living facility, get no visitors and would enjoy nothing more than trading ‘When I was a mid…’ stories.

These are only several examples. Four years at the Naval Academy forged a common bond among all of us. The ability to rely upon one another does not end at graduation, transfer, or retirement from the Navy.

If you need a ride to USNAAA events, need weekly or one-time assistance, would enjoy a visit from someone who had a real plebe year.


If you know of a fellow alumnus that could benefit from this program, please contact:

Charles Carey, ’70


w: 858-636-4116

If you are interested in volunteering and helping fellow alumni, please e-mail the EBI representatives with your name, class, address, graduation class, and contact information. Here are some ways to help:

  • I am willing to provide fellow alumni a ride to the USNAAA-San Diego Chapter monthly meetings.
  • I will be attending the Navy Lacrosse Game on 11 March and am willing to provide fellow alumni a ride.
  • I will be attending the San Diego Crew Classic on 1-2 April and am willing to provide fellow alumni a ride.
  • I am interested in volunteering for the Extended Brigade Initiative and am willing to help depending on the situation. Please keep me informed.

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